Do You Qualify for Digital Marketing?

Okay, so you want to find out if qualify to make more money faster with digital marketing. Excellent!


Answer These Questions

Here’s a quick checklist that will tell you where you stand in terms of being ready to make more money faster through digital marketing.

Answer the following ten questions:

  1. Do you believe that putting up a web site will automatically bring you more customers?
  2. Do you have a web site already, and believe all you need to do is “SEO” your site, fake out Google, and all the customers you need will come to you?
  3. Do you believe that web site traffic alone is all you need to make more money faster?
  4. Do you believe content marketing means scraping a bunch of content off the web and posting it on your web site and other channels?
  5. Do you believe content marketing means spending all your time creating “quality” content?
  6. Do you think that ranking “on page one of Google” is not only possible, but is the top priority for internet marketing success?
  7. Do you believe that building your customer base and communicating with your customers regularly, automatically, is your lowest priority?
  8. Do you believe that email marketing means sending out endless sales pitches on an ongoing basis?
  9. Do you believe that social media marketing is all about pitching your products on “Facebook” “Twitter” “LinkedIn” all the “social media” channels on a regular basis?
  10. Do you believe that marketing in all its forms is essentially trickery?

You get the point. If you answered yes to any of those questions then you do not qualify. You do not pass go. You do not collect $200 dollars.

Digital marketing is not for you.


If, however, you answered NO to all ten questions, congratulations! You may qualify!

Answer These Questions Too

Okay, you answered no to all of those questions, congratulations, just three more and you’ll know.

  1. Do you believe marketing is helping others solve a problem or fill a need?
  2. Do you believe marketing and promotion is mandatory for the ultimate business success?
  3. Do you believe that great communication and service is not optional but absolutely mandatory?

Did You Pass?

If you answered YES! to all three questions then rock and roll! You qualify!

You are not drinking the Koolaid, and you are ready to rock and roll your digital marketing!!


Break out the champagne!!


The Five Necessary Basics for Digital Marketing

There are a five basic requirements that your business needs if you are serious about effective digital marketing:

  1. You must have a genuine desire to help customers
  2. You must have an offering, a product that helps people
  3. You must have a market, people who need and want that help
  4. You must have a marketing budget
  5. You must have a digital component to that marketing budget

If you have all of the above, you are ready to go with digital marketing.

You Must Be Hungry

There is a measure of intensity involved.

If you are hungry enough to be reading this, then you probably have that intensity.

In other words, you have to want it. You have to want it BAD.

You have to want to reach out and help more people by sharing your awesome product with them.

You have to want to scale and grow your business for real high-intensity success.

So your product, your promotion, and your hunger, will make you more money faster with digital marketing.

Rock & Roll

So you are hungry and not delusional. Awesome!! You have the following:

  1. The irresistible offer
  2. The market
  3. The hunger

You have an outstanding highly desirable offering.

You have a market for that product.

You have a burning desire to help people through your product.

Okay, That’s What You Need to Qualify

What about how to make more money faster?

Now, you are ready to make more money faster with digital marketing.

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