Off Media started in 2000 with web design. Since websites are advertising, Off Media was doing advertising too. That means writing copy. Copy that sells. Running Google ads. Offline print media. And so on.


You get web and digital marketing that works made super easy for you.

How much?

Great marketing doesn’t cost . . .

. . . it pays!


Your Website Alone Is Not Enough

Mark Stamas founded freelance Off Media Web Design, in 2000, in North Fork, California, the United States of America. 

Back then, most people believed all you had to do was put up a web site and go. Perhaps to an extent, that was true in the late nineties early 2000s.



It’s all advertising. Though Off Media originally started as mostly a web design firm, we quickly developed the holistic approach to marketing online. Holistic means looking at the entire picture, the entire system. Then leveraging all possible channels of communication in that system. We call this holistic marketing. And really, that’s just a way of saying the practical reality of marketing, that you must be everywhere in every way.

Since then, Off Media has been helping people and businesses get on the web fast and easily, with a big picture plan to publish and promote through all channels.

Everyone needs their own direct marketing web site. But that’s not all it takes anymore, and really, it never was.

The more things change. The more they stay the same. Online = Offline. As you work your way through your digital marketing education, you’ll be struck by how fundamental and unchanging the core desire to communicate is. What changes, are the tools.

Publish AND Promote

Off Media provides fast, easy, effective digital marketing support services with a kickass website that sells as the destination. Your party venue. Your business is hosting the party. You are inviting customers to come party at your website.

In tandem with all the holistic marketing channels, these sites aren’t just an abandoned billboard on the untraveled road of the wild west web resulting in “I’m on the web but nobody sees me”. (www means wild west web right?) This is one of the first lessons you’ll learn. Having a web site is just the beginning. You have to shout about it.

The Wild West Web

The internet is like the wild west. A web site is like having a star in all the universe.

So we know publishing a web site alone is not enough. You must have a living breathing dynamic digital PRESENCE that reaches out, that communicates effectively with your prospects and your existing customers. You must PROMOTE your media, create all media, every day, in every way.

As digital marketing has evolved off the desktop and onto mobile devices, along with the social media revolution, there are more and more channels to “cast the wider net”. You must position your company ON ALL CHANNELS for maximum visibility.

Off Media can help you make this easy.

The Holistic Marketing Paradigm

First coined nearly ten years ago by Mark Stamas, holistic marketing is really taking off. Transparency and authenticity with a big picture approach is now the norm. Off Media helps you leverage words, video, social media, web sites, email marketing, paid traffic, audio, and more, to reach your marketplace in all ways all the time.

What – Why – How

The offer, the benefits, how to get them. This is the essence of all marketing, and the essence of your digital marketing mission. This is true online and offline. Online = Offline.

Communicate your offering, what they get from it, how they can get it.

Do it well. With compelling incentive driven copy, and you amplify all of your marketing efforts.

Back in the day, your first goal was to get online with an easily navigable, properly targeted, visible web presence that seamlessly integrates with your business “ethos” or character. You also leverage your off line marketing materials and literature with the power of the internet.

Now, virtually everyone has a web site. If you don’t, in some ways you have an advantage because you don’t have to unlearn bad habits.

Off Media is here to support your digital marketing and help you make more money faster.

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