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Commerce. Ultimately this is the goal of marketing but let’s back up a bit. (Trade, the verb, as in “trading” too is commerce, but since the noun as in “a trade” is common, we’ll stick to commerce for clarity.)

Commerce ( or trading) is an age old practice, not only unique to humans, but refined to the point of the philosophical and delusional by humans. Commerce is and of itself the economic underpinning of all human survival but our discussion is limited to its role in capitalism, for the most part. (We’ll leave discussion of the earth and nature’s support of the human race, the ultimate support, to another web log or diary on a more holistic topic.)

In the simplest of terms, commerce is why marketing exists. So we can think of commerce as the “what” and marketing as the “how”, how we get to. . . . . .commerce. Read more about commerce and what it is >>>