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Your Digital Marketing Agency: What you get with Off Media:

Digital Marketing Made Easy

Why not make it easy? Our digital marketing services will help you make more money faster. You absolutely can successfully build your business online. And these methods work offline as well. In fact, to a certain extent, they came from offline. Online = Offline.

Yeah, email marketing, social media, “search engine optimization”, paid traffic, sponsored search and all the rest loom large in this arena. You get that.

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Web Development & Design

Want The Web to Work FOR You?

Build A Site That Doesn’t Just Sit There

You want your web site to extend your marketing with quantifiable results.

Yes, a site can serve as an online brochure or business card remaining largely static, and this is better than no site, but your site can be so much more.

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Copywriting: Words that Sell

Eye Candy Draws the Eye and Adds Visual Interest, But WORDS Sell, or as I prefer to put it, communicate the offer to help others.

Create Content that Moves Your Prospects To Buy

In the end the words on your web site will succeed (or fail) to communicate to your prospects that you have what they are looking for and they need look no further.

Remember that your goal is to communicate, not only look great with easy functionality. Looking great is critical too, but not the end of the story.

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Graphic Design & Photography

Graphics and Photos In Synch

Form Follows Function

Your web site aesthetics must always Enhance, not Detract from, Your Message

You need your web site’s look and feel to amplify who you are and move your prospects toward your web goals.

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Multimedia Audio, Video, Flash

Enhance Your Site with Multimedia

Make Flash and Multimedia Work For You

Not Against You

Video and Flash (the same thing in most cases) are taking the internet by storm. Audio snippets and Youtube too are more and more common, and most importantly, effective.

Videos can communicate well and you should use video to widen the net you cast to reach your prospects.

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Direct Marketing

Ask Your Prospects Directly

The Internet IS direct marketing (when done correctly), but wait….there’s more than the Internet

Direct Marketing is approaching your prospects directly with an immediate call to action to buy from you. Contrast this with “traditional” marketing where a company builds brand awareness through advertising without any specific direct call for the reader or viewer to do something.

The medium of delivery of this message is widely varied, from postcards to phone calls to the internet to television.

You have your web site done, with direct calls to action, now leverage your site further with off line direct marketing too.

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