Email Marketing

Email marketing services channel overview: The primary primary channel!

The Email Party

The primary digital marketing channel you need is email marketing. Why? There is no better way to reach, engage, and assist your customers.

You do this via list building. This is just like old school off line direct marketing. Postcards are the classic. Build your list. Build your customer base. Grow you business.

Email Marketing Rocks

Who Needs Email Marketing

What You Need to Do Email Marketing

Why You Need Email Marketing

How to do Email Marketing





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Email Marketing Services

$1,500 per month: 6 month commitment

  • Create email marketing machine: Initial 3 Months
    • Give
    • Trip
    • Offer
    • Maximize
    • Return
  • Create and launch up to four broadcasts per month
  • Landing page optimization for each broadcast
  • Add broadcasts to machine as appropriate
  • Ongoing email marketing machine maintenance and expansion
  • Track & Analyze

Grow your business!