I can Only Deal with it Now

Marketing Philisophy

I put this post in marketing philosophy. The reason for this is obvious.

It’s philosophical. Putting off stuff is easy. Dealing with stuff isn’t.

That’s an idea. Ideas are philosophical. Boom! Done!

So this post is in Marketing Philosophy. In fact, I created the category just now because of this post.

Dillin’ with It as It Happens

So I had a thought along the lines of one of my quotes about immediacy “Dill with It as It Happens”, using a Chris Tucker Rush Hour “I want to know who’s he been dillin’ with who’s he been talkin’ to” voice.

And I did my usual thought process. Thought “Deal with it Now”. Wrote it on my list. Only that’s preachy. We are overloaded with quotes that are essentially orders be here now don’t let go blah blah blah.

Amazingly then I thought, why not do a post telling this story?

Even more amazingly, then I practiced the thought and started on this post now.

Key word. Started.

It’s July 26th, 2018. Will I finish this? Doubtful.

And I only mean finish as in good enough for rock and roll. Or put another way, a complete post, posted.

So it’s August 2nd right now, and I actually did post this the day I started it. Since then, Devin brought up a good point. I didn’t really talk about how to deal with stuff as it happens.

There is No Better Time than Now

There is no better time than now is a cliche I don’t think about much.

The other day Judy and I were visiting Lloyd Carter and his buddy Walt. At one point, Lloyd asked when I was going to jam with him and Scotty. This was after he asked something along the lines of “are you learning guitar” or can you actually play guitar. As usual I declined.

I suggested maybe I could drum since that doesn’t take knowing any songs really. He said sure. Then he said “we can jam right now”. To which I said “nah”.

Lloyd then said “never now”.

And that triggered the philosophical thought process that led to this post.

That was July 21 I think. Sunday. We helped Lloyd cover his boat. He’d been at Bass Lake Saturday.

There is ONLY Now

One thing I recognize, is there is only now. The past is an illusion. The future is an illusion. Arguably, even now is an illusion.

I always loved the saying “yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery” that implies living in the moment is not only mandatory, but should be actualized, which is to say one should really pay attention to the moment rather than anything else because that is all there is.

So, we exist only in this moment as a matter of fact. The cliche about never a better time than now is, in fact, true, because a better now cannot exist if there is only one now.

The implication that doing something now rather than later is better is somewhat misleading as later becomes the now of later.

Get with the Program

All of which is to encourage we all get with the program as Marcel Steinke used to say on the job site.

So I am now calling this post finished and will get with the program.

I’m adding what get with program looks like for Devin as mentioned above.

So getting with the program is basically just doing what needs to be done as it crops up.

So like say a receipt from a meal that might be deductible, take the photo put it in your QuickBooks self-employed app right then rather than keeping the receipt putting it in a pile that grows and grows and never gets dealt with.

If you have a choice, you can deal with it now, or the now of later.

Which one is better?

That’s a philosophical question, though the latter tends to make us feel overwhelmed later.