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What’s it gonna cost me? This is the most sought after answer. Maddeningly enough, this question is rarely answered on any given web site.

Short answer: $1,200 per month will get your digital marketing going. With staff support, who can follow instructions, $1,200 per month may keep you going, as well.

Long answer: The long answer is always “it depends”. The reason for this is because without a scope of work, any cost estimate is meaningless.

Without Specs There Can Be No Accurate Estimate

The reality is that you can’t know what something is going to cost, because you undoubtedly don’t know what you really need to reach the objective you most likely haven’t defined with any real specificity. Okay, big word. How about “haven’t defined with a detailed scope of work”? Same thing.

The prices in the table below will give you some idea of some of the costs. All sales of services are final.

Keep in mind that these prices are based on the real world to give you a real idea. These prices are not meant to “hook” you into believing you can get a full blown successful web presence and digital marketing program going for twenty bucks like your neighbor’s nephew’s uncle’s wife’s lawn guy who does “web stuff” undoubtedly can.

If you want that, give him a call and get exactly what you pay for.



Hourly Rate

$120 per hour is our standard retainer rate.This includes, but is not limited to, writing copy, content preparation, content creation, optimization, etc. This rate typically covers all digital marketing work, but custom application programming generally costs more.Ask about our Charitable Organization Rates

Custom Quote

“Bid” or estimated cost with specific scope of work spelled out very precisely in the written agreement.

Custom Web Site Development

$5,000 ballpark to really get rocking. If you don’t have this kind of budget then you may want to get your feet wet with a basic self hosted WordPress site.Again, a very specific scope of work will be created.

New Section Design

$1,500 each. Applies to existing Off Media created sites only. This is for when you create a new “wrapper” (the specific graphical layout of a page) for a specific section of a large web site.For example: the new Products section may have a unique sidebar only seen in that section. Usually this will only be needed for large sites that have a lot of content in each section.

Price Per Page

$75 each Additional Web Pages 750 X 1500 pixels of Client Provided Content
Created and posted within 30 days. Applies to existing Off Media sites only.

Basic WordPress Site

$1,500 Basic WordPress set up by Off Media hosted at Hostgator on your account with your domain.This package is for the set up and installation of a basic self hosted WordPress site on Hostgator.You use either a free WordPress theme, or buy one at additional cost. No custom design included.Includes Home, About and Contact page configuration with client provided content.Includes 1 hour training session. Does not include custom design, writing copy, Paypal integration or any other customizations.Ask about our Charitable Organization pricing.

Custom WordPress Sites

$5000 ballpark. See custom design above.

Web Hosting

N/A Off Media does recommend and use Hostgator.


N/A Off Media does recommend and use Hostgator.

Image Scan and Prep

$75 each for web, not print.

Graphic Creation

$150 each for web, not print.


$200 per hour plus travel

Digital Image Web Prep

$75 each for each client provided photo or image to be compressed and sized for the web.

Logo Creation


Flash Movies

Flash is history thanks to Steve Jobs. The iPhone, iPad and iOS does not support Flash. Off Media recommends html5, jquery, javascript based slideshows, sliders, etc. Otherwise, do video.

Search Engine Optimization

Even though Search Engine Optimization is dead and was never alive, it is highly recommended that your content be optimized.$1,500 for a one time keyword list generation and tag optimization for up to 10 pages.Includes creating copy for up to one landing page.Does not include rewriting anything else. Additional copy costs apply at standard billable hour rate of $120 per hour.

Business Identity

$5,000 for Logo, Business Card and Stationery print ready designs.

Domain Name Registration

N/A Off Media uses and recommends GoDaddy.

Updates and Other

Standard Hourly Rate $120 per hour.

Standard Hourly Rate

$120 per hour, quarter hour minimum, tenth hour increment, html coding, copy writing, graphic creation, search engine optimization, web marketing, article marketing, social media marketing and etc. Does not include special programming, see below. Price may vary.

Programming Hourly Rate

$175 per hour for special programming including C++, php, asp, Flash and etc.
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