Where is Off Media

Off Media’s Location. Does it matter? No. Reason being, you’ll get the results no matter where you are, and no matter where we are, because, truth be told, we are all on the internet, a place with no geographic boundaries.

North Fork California

Off Media is located in the heart of rural California in a small town called North Fork.

Does it really matter where we are to help you?

No. The fact is, no matter who you are or where you do business, web development is not constrained by geography.

Off Media can assist you in your web endeavors by fax, phone and internet. Let’s get started!

A Little About North Fork California

There are many North Forks all across the country. North Fork California is a Tribal community and is part of the ancestral tribal lands of the Nim. The Nim are also known as the Mono Indians.

The economy of North Fork in the mid twentieth century was based on logging.

Soon the town became desirable as a retirement community and as a bedroom community for commuters to the urban area of Fresno California a mere 45 minutes southwest.

As logging waned in the 1990’s the local mill closed in 1994 and the town remains Tribal, commuter, retirement and has many second homes located here as well.

Our tribe, the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians, is our largest employer besides the US Forest Service.

North Fork is located just an hour from Yosemite National Park and is ten minutes from Bass Lake California. Nearby are Oakhurst, Coarsegold, Mariposa and Ahwahnee California.