Why The Web?

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Why the Web?

This article is admittedly old, but definitely worthy. Some still say, web? I don’t need no stinking web! But the fact is, you do.

Today seemingly everyone has a web site. The question of course is why?

At one time the answer to that question was a sort of coolness factor that boiled down to because everyone else does.

Then things started to change and people and businesses lost their enthusiasm for “because” and became more interested in quantifying return on investment in their web ventures and not so much into keeping up with the Jonezes.

The question why began to get asked again. As in all marketing the answer is really quite simple.

Product Exposure

Accepting that answer at face value, we can conclude that a web presence increases exposure of your business, idea or passion.

Yes, having a web site at your own domain name with email and proper content will increase your exposure.

The underlying and undying reason for a web site and the original reason for the internet is:

Easy Prospect Access to Information

Accessibility to information is very powerful and has changed the world throughout history.

Using the internet you can now obtain or provide in depth answers to questions 24 hours a day seven days a week ever more easily. All this can be done for relatively low cost to you with web sites.

The myth surrounding web sites is that having a web page or site leaves you exposed to the masses and that you will automatically garner massive visibility and traffic desired or otherwise. Not so.

The web cannot bring exposure to you in a vacuum. You must work the web to reap the benefits. You must also continue with traditional marketing media and use the web to support that marketing.

Return On Investment

The internet and web sites have brought massive capabilities to all players. The potential return on investment for any web site is huge.

As stated above however you must drive traffic to your site, in any way imaginable, to really reap the potential of a web site.

How to do that? Simple, as you have seen, use your web address https://www.yourdomain.com on every piece of marketing material you have. Advertisements, billboards, flyers, bags, business cards and on and on.

Then tell the search engines and directories you are there. But most importantly, package you information in a way that will reach those looking for your information, products or services.

Did I say easy? Well, it really is easy.

Easy Branded Communication

Communicate your brand with ease. Don’t have a brand? Yes you do. You are your brand. Communicating who you are and what you do is extremely easy on the web.

With your own web site you can obtain email addresses that reflect your unique brand by using your custom domain name.

For example: markstamas@offmedia.net carries forward the continuity of the Off Media web site by using the domain for email as well.

This too increases exposure since most people know that the domain after the @ is many times the web site address as well and will type in that domain name to see your site.

More and more the internet is becoming the first place that people go to find information or goods and services they desire, locally or otherwise, and you should be there with quality content to fill their needs.

Don’t be left missing out on all of the advantages of a web presence.


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